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TIP: Command Button on a Datasheet Form
Access 2000 or Later

A simple technique for placing a psuedo-command button on a Datasheet:

1. Create a query for the form's RecordSource

2. Add a calculated column/field to the query, for example:

Edit: IIf([Status]<>"Closed","Edit","")

Drag the field on to the form as a TextBox

3. Set the TextBox's Is Hyperlink property to Yes

4. Add a procedure to the TextBox's OnClick Event, for example:

Private Sub Edit_Click()
With CodeContextObject
DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSaveRecord
If (Not IsNull(.IssueID) And .Status <> "Closed") Then
DoCmd.OpenForm "EditIssues", acNormal, "", "[IssueID]=" & .IssueID, , acNormal
End If
End With
End Sub

The Datasheet will look like this:

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